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If Check-Fix cannot offer you exceptional value with our services - we will not take the project.

Our goal is to increase your bottom line as quickly as possible.

If we know we can help - we will offer to do so. If we cannot, we will tell you that also.

Above all else, Check-Fix values building a trust with our clients above all else.

hands on - on the floor

Check-Fix is not a 'conference room only' support team. Sometimes being there is the only way to see what is really going on. Asking questions of the people living 'the process' everyday is the best way to get causes and their solutions.

Check-Fix will follow up and make sure that whatever was cooked up in the meeting rooms can be digested on the production floor without a hiccup, indigestion or obstructions.

Call Center

Check-Fix will take your call virtually 24/7 or promises to return any phone inquiry first thing the next morning.

One of the things that sets Check-Fix apart, is the commitment to our client's success.

Questions, support or a little additional coaching required after the project does not necessarily require billed hours.

Check-Fix stands behind their work and their clients even after the project is over.


  • "I received feedback from several attendees of the PFMEA workshop. The response was uniform and unanimous in the positive comments made. Most of us have attended 2 or 3 PFMEA training courses in our careers, but we all felt this was the best. The examples brought to the workshop were excellent because of the rich level of detail and specific manufacturing plant content." - Carl Payne, New Business Engineer, GM, Silao, Mexico
  • "Now we can fairly judge and evaluate Recommended Actions suggested." - Steve Dukatz, SQE, New Venture Gear

What if Check-fix could

give you a method to deliver the most ROI for your investment dollar?

Have you ever wondered who's process improvement suggestion has the most merit?

Have you ever wondered where our hidden risks in our processes are?

You can:

  • Have a single method where Engineering, Manufacturing, Quality and Top Management are all singing from the same song book!
  • Take the opinion and guessing out of where expenditures for process improvements could be spent for ROI and scrap savings!
  • Have a fool-proof method for capturing 'lessons learned'  and 'tribal knowledge' permanently - and in one place!



  • "All of our departments now have a greater understanding and depth of knowledge of our process, rather than isolated pockets of expertise. Thru Mike's training process, the benefits to our PFMEA's were accuracy, consistency, speed of understanding and improved error-proofing." - Bill Barlow, GM Engineering Manager, Bay City, MI
  • "According to the suppliers Mike has visited for us, they say he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. By the look of their PFMEA's and corrective actions, I have to agree." - Lila Slay, GM SQE, Pontiac, MI


  • "Mike Nikitin provided exactly the type of expertise I was hoping for. All who attended the training sessions felt their time was well spent. My teams now have the understanding of using the PFMEA methodology for risk reduction in our production lines." - Marty Lafayette, Engineering Manager, Vauxhall, UK
  • "I will recommend Check-Fix to the entire corporation. And thank you Mike for the support after the training session. Answering questions that came up in our Team Meetings after the workshop was very helpful." - Nadine Allen, QE - Federal Mogul, Waupon, WI

Business Consulting


Analysis, Audits, Studies

Check-Fix is skilled in a variety of types of statistical and process structure analysis. These include but not limited to;

  • FMEA Effectiveness/Sufficiency Review
  • SPC Effectiveness Reviews
  • Scrap/Data Collection and Use
  • Production Line Audits
  • Supplier Audits
  • Situation-Goal Congruence Analysis


Check-Fix not only shows your teams how, but WHY these tools work! We will make your Team proficient in the subjects presented.

  • FMEA - Design, Process, Equipment
  • SPC - hands on examples
  • Problem Solving Made Simple
  • Self Directed Work Teams